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Random events cake taste test gunther and coronas carpentry shop 10. Harvest moon is a farming simulation game with an underlining storyline that add depth to break up the daily monotony of watering crops. Random events gunthers promise walk into the carpenters shop 8. This event will vary depending on the gender of your character. Each event will give you a small back story about the character and giving some possible context as to why the character does what he or she does. No matter what i do, luduss light blue flower event won t. Ingame events and festivals a story of seasons help guide. Her flower color will be blue for the first event, green for the second, and pink for the final two. Random events playing cupid walk into maurice inn 8. Playing cupid random event a story of seasons help guide fogu. Ugh, can you believe them random event a story of seasons. Gunthers promise random event a story of seasons help. As you increase your friendship with the villagers, you can trigger special random events. A spider random event a story of seasons help guide.

The return of the shipping bin and the ability to ship your products to specific towns. Choosing the more expensive styles will accelerate the pregnancy event. Veronica will then bring you and the three random contestants together. Changes or improvements from the prior version of story of seasons include.

Fogu a harvest moon, river king, and story of seasons. Some will happen on specific days every year, while some are randomly occuring and can only be viewed once. Friend events, also called random events, are short cut scenes that you can trigger once you have reached a specific level of friendship with the events leading actors. For elise, these flower events will only occur after you have seen the four cutscenes where she inspects your farm the last one takes place in winter of year 2, and her flower events require higher flower colors. When i remember to add them to the playlist, anyway. Story of seasons a special fragrance klaus white flower event. Tips for the beginner farmer posted on september 21, 2015 september 21, 2015 categories gaming i have been a longtime fan of the harvest moon series since i. Fords resident events eng translation 12 resident events are events that you can trigger regardless of whether youre playing as a male or a female. The gifts you can give and which count towards the days events are cream puff. She walks over to gunther and suggests that maybe he should ask you for help with collecting materials.

She takes you back into the kitchen and slices some cake for the two of you. Originally a site covering just harvest moon 2 for gameboy color, it has expanded to cover over 25 versions of the harvest moon game series as well as the story of seasons game series. Once you streetpass another 3ds, their character will appear randomly in your. Edas events cannot be seen beyond winter of year 1. Cake taste test random event a story of seasons help guide. Ingame events and festivals a story of seasons help. She has been baking a cake and cant wait to try it. Maruices request random event a story of seasons help. All of this info and more can be found on the unot fogu site guide and forums for story of seasons. Spring season festivals a story of seasons help guide.

In hm ds cute the childs gender is randomly set at your wedding ceremony, and you will not know what it is until the child is actually born. There is no way to force the child to be a girl or a boy. Trio of towns brought more farm sim action to the 3ds, making several improvements on the original release and carrying on the spirit of harvest moon in a. Earlier in the season you will have received a letter from del cossa that tells you the. The biggest adventure yet in this beloved series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in the west in 2017. Marriage eventsrequirements forum rune factory 4 forum. Winter season festivals a story of seasons help guide. Combo edits are extra special rewards you get for making and displaying certain items on your farm or in town. Playing cupid random event a story of seasons help guide. Story of seasons ugh, can you believe them random event. The details of combo edits can be found on your television on the oak tree channel. New livestock animals, the quail eggs and the buffalo milk.

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