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The double branch design allows for the distribution of loads from the input shaft, to reduce stresses on the reduction shaft. Software to automate preliminary design of gearbox. We started with the manufacturing process of two stage reduction gearbox, firstly we started searching for the gearbox manufacturer. Tutorial for gear design and calculation with mdesign gearbox dipl. The gearbox can have a maximum reduction of 6 in one stage and that works out to a maximum reduction of 36. Nord 2stage helical bevel gear unit nord drivesystems. First set of gears 800024000 second set of gears 400022000. These vehicles are designed to sustain any sort of extreme loads that act during off road driving. Here we tackle a twostage helical gear transmission design prob lem complete with the sizing and selection of shafts, bearings, housing, etc. Methodology for designing a gearbox and its analysis. Hence, two stage reduction gearbox is a vital part of transmission in order to obtain.

Vu in 7 presented a study of the optimization and regression techniques for. The triple reduction helical gearbox was a three stage gearbox transmitting 112. The gearbox is part of a system to test the idling characteristics of an automotive timing drive system. Helicopter two stage main reduction gearbox rollsroyce. I need to design and find suitable specifications for spur gears for a two stage reduction gearbox.

Say the input rpm is 8000 and we want 2000 out put. Also, deformation for 15nicr1mo15 and scm415 is obtained as the. A twostage gearbox or a threestage gearbox can be achieved by simply increasing the length of the ring gear and with serial arrangement of several individual planet stages. Proper design of gearbox has a significant place in power transmission applications. Optimal design of twostage speed reducer using twophase. Evolutionary algorithms, optimal design, helical gears. Software to automate preliminary design of gearbox with spur helical and bevel gears was developed. First, designed the gearbox on the paper theoretical calculations and this design becomes virtual with the help of solidworks 16 and catia v5 software. Where 3 1st stage gear reduction, 4 2nd stage gear reduction further final drive reduction can be increased through other reduction units such as chain sprocket. Multi speed gear box has more than two gears and shafts.

How one gearbox manufacturer took an existing design and transformed. Optimal design of twostage speed reducer using twophase evolutionary algorithm l. The microplanetary gear mechanism presented in this paper is expected to have 162. Tobias schulze, driveconcepts gmbh dresden conclusion this is a guide for generating a gear model and subsequent recalculation of the kinematics and the single parts with the software mdesign gearbox. A twin turbine engine helicopter has a twostage main reduction gearbox, the input stage having a speed reduction ratio exceeding 5. Design and development of two stage reduction gearbox for. A gearbox that converts a high speed input into a single output it is called a single stage gearbox.

As we have finished with all the theoretical part of the project, it is the time for the manufacturing. The finite element analysis of triple reduction gearbox that constitutes the driving mechanism of a double bascule movable bridge was performed. This is an instruction for designing a gearbox model followed by a kinematic calculation of single machine elements using the program mdesign gearbox. These analytical designs have been validated through the help of cad and fea software like solid works and ansys. Design of two stage planetary gear trains for reduction ratio 78. Solidworks simulation of a twostage reduction gearbox. Gear ratios and compound gear ratios working out simple gear ratios two gears a feature often requested in my gear program is that it should calculate and display the gear ratio the reason it does not have this feature is that the gear ratio is also the tooth count ratio of the two gears, and that is a value that the user has to enter. The 800 kw at 988 rpm, twostage reduction gearboxes consist of a combination of bevel and helical gears. Tutorial for designing and calculation of a multiplestage. The gearbox will be driven by a separate mains 4 pole synchronous electric motor. Baja vehicles are the most famous off road vehicles in india. Computeraided design of a twostage gearbox sciencedirect. The intent of this project was to design a gearbox containing two shafts, one coupling, four bearings and two helical gears. This system makes use of gears with a motor to achieve the desired functionality.

Modeling and analysis of 2stage reduction gear box ijmetmr. Analysis of a twostage reduction gearbox for a conveyor. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Design optimization of a two stage gearbox by using kisssoft was accomplished by readily supplying the design parameters requested. Planetary stage design, shaft design, bearing selection. Automated optimal design of a twostage helical gear reducer. Two stage reduction gearbox reduces the speed on rotations and can help in many applications to reduce speed. A guide on how to design a single stage gearbox using. Which stage is most critical in 2 stage reduction gearbox. Traditional methods used in its design do not have ability in automating the process. Design two stage gear box with helical gears crazyengineers.

Kisssoft is a program for machine design calculations. The input shaft is directly connected to a 5000rpm brushless motor, which gets stepdown to a maximum of 525 rpm imparted to the propeller. As all the analysis is performed in ansys software, the analysis follows. The novelty of this work consists in the complex and. The application of computer in the design of the twostage reduction gearbox mr. Technical secondary school lutfi musiqi vushtrri, republic of kosova1 faculty of mechanical engineering university of prishtina, republic of ksoava2 abstract. Pdf design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox for all. These are the assumptions regarding the practicality of the problem on which the design is based. A final report of calculations is also included in the images.

However, due to the extreme loads caused by the gravel tracks and the. The triple reduction helical gearbox was made of astm a36 steel. The calculations were thorough and engineering drawing was the final task. In this paper an optimal design of twostage speed reducer is presented. Download citation design and analysis of a two stage reduction gearbox an allterrain vehicle is an offroad vehicle that has the ability to drive on any terrain without any difficulty. The output shaft is likely to run at as low a speed as lorpm. Calculation of a two stage gearbox this tutorial shows the usage of mesys shaft calculation with systems of parallel shafts. A two stage reduction gearbox is a part of a transmission assembly which reduces the rotational speed at the input shaft to a slower rotational speed at output shaft. Agnee gear motors, gear boxes and 3d printers 502,471 views. The upper and lower gearbox casings will be cast from sg iron. This study shows the complex design problem of helical gear and required superior software skills for modeling and analysis. Studied in detail transmission design of automobile as well as the design of spur gear, shafts, bearings, and casing. Design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox for. Results and design of our project with various analysis software like.

Introduction engineering design is an iterative process that is started with a poorly defined problem refined and then developed a model. Design, modelling and analysis of a 3 stage epicyclic planetary reduction gear unit of a flight vehicle k akhila1 and m amarnath reddy2 corresponding author. Design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox for all terrain. Planetary gears a masterclass for mechanical engineers. Pdf design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox. After successfully completing the design of gearbox, going for manufacturing. This system demonstrates the single stage gear reducer assembly using motorize shafts and gear mechanisms in a gearbox frame.

The gears and shaft design calculations are done with the help of kisssoft. Agnee gear motors, gear boxes and 3d printers 506,475 views 5. Kisssoft have been incorporated with various calculation methods for the gear and shaft design separately. The first set of gears can cut the rpm by half and the second as well. Figure 1 design of gearbox apply material for spur gear 15nicr1mo15 and scm415. This is a step by step explanation for designing a 3dmodel of a multiplestage gearbox, the calculation of it and how to document the results. The whole gearbox works with motion links so that the transfer factor of the first stage is 1. Worm gearbox, worm reduction gear box, worm speed reducer and gear motor manufacturer duration. In this paper the optimal d esign of the shafts of a two stagespeed. In this paper, two stage reduction helical gearbox has been designed. Worm gearbox, worm reduction gear box, worm speed reducer and gear motor manufacturer. Since the power input was high to go with higher reduction ratio required, to opt for planetary gear system was the best decision considering the compactness planetary gearbox will provide over all other gear systems. First stage gear spur and for second stage helical gear so tell how to design two stage reduction gear box. The design space of multistage transmissions is usually very large and heavily constrained.

A gearbox that converts a high speed input into a number of different speed output it is called a multispeed gear box. Stefanache abstractin this paper an optimal design of twostage speed reducer is presented. Due to reduction in output speed, the torque of the system is increased. This places significant demands on the algorithm employed to search it, but successful optimization has the potential to yield considerably better designs than conventional heuristics, at the same time enabling a better understanding of the tradeoffs between various objectives such as. This can be accomplished in a twostage gearbox, with the first stage driving two portions of the second stage. One more use of gear reducers is in gear switching in automobiles. Optimal design of twostage speed reducer semantic scholar. Design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox. Sort by date 1 gearbox development for the food and beverage processing industry september 2019. An allterrain vehicle is an off road vehicle that has the ability to drive on any terrain without any difficulty. Design and analysis of a two stage reduction gearbox. Design and failure analysis of twostage reduction gearbox for an. Design and analysis of two stage redu ction gearbox for all terrain veh icles l. Tutorial for gear design and calculation with mdesign gearbox.

The challenge is to design a gearbox that is capable of driving the 3 inch diameter winch and lifting the elevator to its maximum height of 84 inches high in a time of 1. We have also checked the design in various analysis software such as catia and ansys. Christianhartmanngerlach, driveconcepts gmbh dresden dr. The realization of a product or a mechanical system must be passed through several stages starting from the.

Goal of my project was the construction of a planetary gear with 3 reduction stages. The gearbox has to transmit 5kw at an output rotational speed of approximately 125 revmin. In this chapter, the rv cycloid gearbox will be generally presented, as well as the first stage of the gearbox which is a planetary spur gear, together with shaft and bearing design consist of how to dimension them and achieve failure analysis. Stress and design analysis of triple reduction gearbox casing. Design and optimization of 2stage reduction gearbox ijedr.

Two stage reduction gearbox autodesk online gallery. Files 10 two stage reduction gearbox two stage reduction gearbox loading. The drawing above shows a picture of a two stage elevator, an element of a manipulator commonly found in frc. Please start with the tutorial for shaft calculation to see how to introduce geometry. Design and optimization of 2stage reduction gearbox. A very high gear ratio can be realized in a compact package. This is an order of magnitude higher than the previously reported design in a single reduction gear train. In the software kisssoft we apply the problem with the. Design and analysis of two stage reduction gearbox for all terrain vehicles.

Two stage reduction gearbox 3d cad model library grabcad. The gearbox is being powered by a 5 hp, 60hz ac, electric motor with a. Design and analysis of a gearbox for an all terrain vehicle. In general two stage gearbox means in which the torque is stepped down or up twice that is using two pairs of gears. Vij ay 4 1,2,3,4 department of automobile engineering, vistas, chennai.

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