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Religions are founded on less, and hogans detailed analyses and illustrated demonstrations of grip, stance, posture, and the two basic components of the swing make up a sacred book. To get your swing index, sign up and download the app today ben hogan s ball. How to swing the golf club like ben hogan golf channel. Hogan s book was really the first to get me to understand what is going on in a golf swing. With the techniques revealed in this classic book, you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green, stepbystep and stroke by stroke. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Ben hogan won the first of his nine major championships in 1946 and his power golf was published in 1948. Ben hogans five lessons was originally published in 1957 and was republished in 1985. The 5 fundamentals for me were two fold ben hogan knows what he is talking aboutand i wasnt ben hogan, however, i found that if was able to get these fundamentals down as i understood them then i would be able to keep my ball between the white stakes, make good contact, and have a repeatable, semi consistent swing. And ben told him about a dream he had in hospital, of a scottish golfer performing a special swing move. I would also like to to throw in nicklauss golf my way as a must have as well. Power golf by ben hogan reading room the sand trap. Ben hogan had a swing secret, and he discovered it when he was in hospital after the car crash in 1949. If ben hogan truly had a secret to the golf swing, he did a poor job keeping it under wraps.

Ben hogans five lessons book by ben hogan official. Here is my own description of ben hogans golf swing. Though its very simplicity seems dated, thats the tome of technique that should perform the inspiration of every golf library. Power golf book by ben hogan official publisher page. Of the 281 shots, 141 were taken in reaching the greens. Ben hogan is considered the father of the modern golf swing. The stress free golf swing provides 85 pages of proven, game changing swing instruction plus detailed pictures and videos. Secret of ben hogan s swing by tom bertrand signed 1st1st pga masters golf hc.

A fourtime pga player of the year, he is one of only four golfers to win all four professional majors. This new book, in my opinion, is not for beginners, unless, of course, that newbie has the fundamental knowledge of the golf swing and can put these tips into practice. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and state of texas shelter in place order, the ben hogan golf equipment company remains open, but in a limited capacity. Legendary golf golf instruction videos, ben hogans golf. The modern fundamentals of golf ben hogan presented his ideas about the essential elements of a proper golf swing. I loaned this book in the past to a friend who was looking to get into golf. School of golf s martin hall shares a drill that will help golfers swing like ben hogan. See all books authored by ben hogan, including ben hogan s five lessons.

Hogan instructed him on every facet of the golf swing he was working on since he published the modern fundamentals of golf. If you are looking for a book to cover the basic physical and technical aspects of the golf swing, ben hogan s power golf is a great reference book. The modern fundamentals of golf by ben hogan 19900101. Ben hogans five lessons is an illustrative book that teaches the fundamentals of the golf swing including. The foreword of the book is written by nick seitz, golf digest editorial director, at the time. The secret of ben hogan s perfect and automatic golf swing.

I gave up in my teens because i was getting too frustrated with it but took it up again when i was maybe 19 or 20. Renowned for his swing, ben hogan methodically describes his technique through his lessons. Joe plecker is the chief swing officer of swing ai, a company partowned by golf s parent company, 8am golf. Has a louisiana teaching pro discovered ben hogans secret. William ben hogan august, 1912 july 25, 1997 hogan is notable for his profound influence on golf swing theory and his legendary ballstriking ability. In golf, ben hogan exemplified an outstanding example of this method, but he kept it hidden from almost everyone. The modern fundamentals of golf i have the kindle version, and would recommend it to anyone. Ben hogan five lessons the modern fundamentals of golf. Slow motion practice was more or less unknown in golf until recently, when some very rare and safeguarded footage of him appeared on the internet demonstrating the technique. In this golf for beginners podcast, we help break down ben hogan s secret into simpler terms. So, where other books provide swing bandaids, hogan s illuminates and helps develop real understanding.

Ben hogan, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport, believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break eightyif one applies oneself patiently and intelligently. Hogan shot 281 for a thirdplace tie with george archer. Over 50 years later, ben hogan s book five lessons. The modern fundamentals of golf is still considered one of the premier instructional books on the fundamentals of the game of golf. Heres proof in the ebook the stressfree golf swing theres a quote from a golfer that played with ben hogan in 1950. How ben hogan discovered his secret swing move thin and. Professional golfers larry nelson and jason dufner supposedly developed their swings based on the book and. From 1938 through 1959, hogan won 63 professional golf.

Hogan had many secrets to his swing and not just one. Hogans five lessons is an ben hogans five lessons is an illustrative book that teaches the fundamentals of the golf swing including. This is the first 3 lessons from my new lesson program that i sent out to my platinum patrons a couple of months ago. Its a revolutionary golf swing system, making it a must for every golfer who wants to hit more greens and lower their scores. Hogans book is a short, but comprehensive analysis of the golf swing. His stated purpose of giving the average weekend golfer the tools to develop a repeatable golf swing has, in my opinion, been met. In may 1967, the editor of cary middlecoff s 1974 book the golf swing watched every shot that 54yearold hogan hit in the colonial national invitational in fort worth, texas. The focus on the fundamentals will have great appeal to golfers who focus on the details of their swing, and will prove invaluable to golfers of all levels. He turned pro at seventeen, joined the tour fulltime as a nineteenyearold in 1931, and has won nine pro majors.

How to master the celebrated hogan grip that made his swing so powerful why a balanced stance is important, and how to achieve it. Welcome to the most comprehensive and popular ben hogan facebook page, where you will find one or more posts a day about quite possibly the greatest golfer ever. A hogan secret is given away right there in the foreword and is mentioned no other place in the book. The modern fundamentals of golf, and power golf, and more on. He won all four majors being one of four players all time to accomplish the slam. Make offer golf books videos ben hogan, jack nicklaus, greg norman. The fundamentals he espouses are few, and simple enough to implement without causing one to overthink. Renowned for his swing, ben hogan methodically describes his.

Ben hogan discovered golf as a fifteenyearold caddie. At this point all i can think of is a long list of books that i wish were as clearly written as this one and are not. Profusely illustrated with detailed line drawings, power golf walks you through every step of the skills that ben hogan painstakingly acquired over his years as a champion player. A mission to bring to the golf world, the swing insights and swing feelings involved with ben hogan and his golf swing. I told him to read the book before his first lesson to have an idea before picking up a club. Ben hogan, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport, believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break. Hogan s swing doesnt need me to tell you how effective it is. Other golf swing books, in contrast, tend towards being just compilations of swing tips. Here is a brief overview of the ben hogan golf swing by my swing.

The modern fundamentals of golf by ben hogan recommended for. The modern fundamentals of golf paperback sep 20 1985. Religions are based mostly on a lot much less, and hogans detailed analyses and illustrated demonstrations of grip, stance, posture, and the two main parts of the swing make up a sacred book. The only other two books i think are easier, or as easy, to digest are listed along with this one in another post, 7 golf books that can fix your golf game. Ben hogan s premise in this 1957 classic is driven home in bold letters. For those interested in trying to learn it, the difficult part is teaching the body to move in ways that are new and different from anything done before. As a result, we cannot promise our standard twoweek delivery on orders right now. Strangely, hogan started golf playing lefthanded, then shifted to play right handed, then tried crosshanded, before becoming established as the righthanded player we know and remember. Ben hogan golf legendary performance at factorydirect. Watching videos and reading ben hogans book five lessons can be very interesting, but does little to help a person understand what hogan did. The secrets to ben hogans legendary golf swing, according. Thanks to whoever uploaded the ben hogan pdf ive been an avid golfing on and off most of my life since i was 10.

The ben hogan golf swing is a conceptually simple swing. Never a bad thing to have the advise of both the greatest ball striker and most prolific champion at the ready. In the years following the publication of his famous this is my secret article in the aug. Ben hogans premise in this 1957 classic is driven home in bold letters.

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