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Heres a few of the best videos from david yeungs youtube channel. Who would win in a fight between bolo yeung and bruce lee. Chong li bolo yeung, bloodsport vs tong po kickboxer the two most evil martial art villains ever on screen, who wins. Primarily cast as the villain in the movies in which he stars, he is best known for his performances as bolo in enter the dragon starring bruce lee, as chong li in bloodsport. It stars jeanclaude van damme, donald gibb, leah ayres, and bolo yeung. Bloodsport is a 1988 american martial arts action film directed by newt arnold. Listen free to paul hertzog bloodsport fight to survive, kumite main title and more. Bloodfights story at first is similar to that of bloodsport, which was only made about a year earlier than bloodfight.

Yes, there is a cloud of controversy regarding the veracity of this true story about the experiences of frank dux. These three films are not exactly bolo yeung most successful roles. Family life he was born in guangzhou, china and was named yang sze. Jul 07, 2015 michael jordan vs allan houston highlights bulls vs pistons 1995. His breakout role was the 1988 martial arts film, bloodsport, in which he appeared opposite themusclesfrombrussels jeanclaude van damme. Bloodsport chong li bolo yeung vs frank dux jean claude van damme final fight a true kumite. Jeanclaude van damme had the leading role as frank dux, while bolo yeung played the role of chong li. We could literally watch jeanclaude van damme fight bolo yeung all day every day. Van damme vs bolo yeung bloodsport final fight stay safe and healthy.

Bloodsport best fights of van damme and bolo yeung. The script is based on the reallife exploits of martial arts champ frank dux, who serves as the films fight coordinator. Bloodsport is an action martial arts film that came out in the late 1980s. Alan mehrez is a famous producer, director of bloodsport 2 and bloodsport 3, blood sport 4 and he also directed a number of well made motion pictures. The very evil and brutal chong li vs the equally vicious thai boxer tong po. Jean claude van damme meet bolo yeung 2011 youtube. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Kan sporu 1988 turkce dublaj dvdrip tek link indir. Nov 22, 2009 i havent ever heard that one before either. A strong friendship formed between the two actors on the set of bloodsport.

It is about a westerner named frank dux who enters an underground martial arts tournament. Sep 01, 2012 bolo yeung transformation from 24 to 71 years old duration. Roy chiao, philip chan, pierre rafini, bolo yeung, ken siu, kimo lai kwok ki, bernard mariano, bill yuen ping kuen, lily leung, joshua schroder. Sep 15, 2011 jean claude and bolo yeung meets again on a dinner, 25 years from movie bloodsport.

David yeung martial arts, actor, bodybuilder by ric drasin. He began his martial arts training at the age of 10. Bloodsport best fights of van damme and bolo yeung duration. Mar 28, 2018 jean claude van damme vs bolo yeung bloodsport shayan abeed. Rent bloodsport 1988 starring jeanclaude van damme and donald gibb on dvd and bluray. Dec 15, 2017 as jeanclaude van dammes meta comedy series jeanclaude van johnson is release on amazon, jonathan bernstein recalls the highs and lows of the muscles from brussels. Later he became know as chinese hercules after becoming mr.

Rent bloodsport 1988 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix. Bolo yeung reveals his real age at budo gala 2010 in basel on youtube. Oct 27, 2009 licensed to youtube by wmg, modulortv on behalf of lovarium production. His role in all three is minor and you will rarely see him and by that i mean rarely. Double impact 1994 final fight uncut hd jeanclaude van damme vs bolo yeung. He plays a thug in all three who works for some mafia boss. Emi music publishing, umpg publishing, and 8 music rights societies show more show less. Yes, the fighting scenes are extremely unrealistic. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at. Sze, who would later change his name to bolo yeung, was a champion bodybuilder who dominated the mr hong kong contest. As i stated before, bloodsport was to me the greatest movie of the 80s without question, so this was actually a pretty awesome discovery for me that family legacy is living on, and bolo yeungs son david yeung is also a badass. He has tremendous respect for bruce lees martial arts abilities and his physical abilities.

Martial arts and bodybuilding is an integral part of his life and career. Primarily cast as the villain in the movies in which he stars, he is best known for his performances as bolo in enter the dragon. Despite all that bloodsport is a classic martial arts movie. Bolo yeung starred in hundreds of kungfu films through the 70s and 80s in which he developed his trademark not looking style and was regularly killed by the likes of bruce lee huang kin lung. Since then bolo yeung has appeared in countless martial arts movies, to date, also working on two movies with the muscles from brusselsjeanclaude van damme in bloodsport and double impact. Bolo yeung gained huge popularity in the west following the international success of canon films 1988 fight movie bloodsport, in which he played the enigmatic but evil kumite champion chong li.

In the mind of bruce lee and the writers of enter the dragon, lee wins. Licensed to youtube by wmg, modulortv on behalf of lovarium production. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Nov 22, 2008 jean claude van damme vs bolo yeung in bloodsport. I know bolo yeung has said many great things about bruce lee and how he didnt think there would be another bruce lee in a 100 years. Around the same time that arnold schwarzenegger was making his first foray into cinema with the godawful hercules in new york 1969, so too, on the other side of the pacific ocean, was a young chinese bodybuilder by the name of yang sze. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Wu tang collection dance of the drunken mantis duration.

Now bolo still looks great and still regularly trains at his local gym. Did bruce lee really get into a fight with bolo yeung on the. Ive always been a huge fan of bolo yeung and would take him over jackie chan any day of the week. Bloodfight full hindi dubbed movie martial arts movie by cinecurry.

Tiger claws full movie cynthia rothrock, jalal merhi, bolo yeung, duration. According to the movie, bruce would use his speed and dirty tricks to match bolos strength. Ive watched the movie numerous times since i was a kid and enjoyed it each time. The villain from bloodsport had a son, and that dudes. Van damme vs bolo yeung bloodsport final fight youtube. His big break didnt come until he costarred as chong li in bloodsport 1988. Jean claude van damme vs bolo yeung bloodsport youtube.

Alan mehrez jean claude van damme vs bolo yeung in bloodsport. Because of his impressively muscular physique he was chosen for several bad guy movie roles. The finale offers a duel to the death between van damme and reigning kumite king bolo yeung. Double impact 1994 van damme vs bolo yeung youtube. Chen, pierre rafini genc frank,leah ayres janice kent, norman burton helmer. Chong li bolo yeung, bloodsport vs tong po kickboxer. He is able to win the tournament and become the first champion from a western nation.

Bloodsport best fights of van damme and bolo yeung youtube. Yang sze better known as bolo yeung pronounced yeeng, is a chinese former competitive bodybuilder, martial artist and a martial arts film actor. Jeanclaude van damme frank dux, donald gibb ray jackson,forest whitaker rawlins, roy chiao tanaka, bolo yeung chong,philip chan yuzbas. In fact, bloodfight could possibly be a continuation.

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